Evolution of Customer Service Technologies

Andy Fraser, Contact Centre Manager, Walker Love recently took part in a discussion on the development of customer contact technologies which was chaired by independent business journalist Sue Tabbitt for My Customer, an online community of customer service, CRM and customer experience professionals.

The expert panel looked at the evolution of digital communications technologies and how they are improving existing customer service channels and creating new ways to engage, interact and to meet rising customer expectations relating to experience and convenience.

Andy Fraser commented “it’s important for Walker Love competitively that our clients can see we’re at the forefront of customer engagement practice – using the latest techniques and employing all of the available channels to reach all of the target demographics – that’s an important driver for improvement.”

Are rapidly evolving communication technologies a help or a hindrance, or even an annoyance? What does the next big thing in customer engagement look like, will we finely give up the desktop and all move to mobile and is the customer service industry keeping pace?

You can read the whole discussion and contribute your views by visiting My Customer.com >read more.