Make a Complaint

If you are unhappy with the services or any aspect of the advice you have received from Walker Love you can make a complaint.

We aim to ensure that all of our clients, and by extension their clients and customers, receive efficient and effective services and advice. However, from time to time there may be aspects of our service which clients and/or their customers have concerns about, or with which they are dissatisfied.

If you are unhappy with the services, or any aspect of the advice you have received from Walker Love, and would like to raise this issue with us you should contact the partner or the named individual in the letter or correspondence you have received from us in the first instance. In most cases these individuals will be familiar with your situation and circumstances and may be able to resolve any problems to your satisfaction immediately.

However, if you would prefer to raise your concerns with someone else, or you have not received a satisfactory response from the partner or individual you have contacted, you may lodge a formal complaint. We prefer a complaint to be received in writing by letter, fax or email. However, we will also accept complaints verbally.

Please address any complaints to:

G1 3AB.

Or you can contact us by phone or by sending an email to

How will we handle your complaint?

In order to deal with your Complaint as swiftly as possible, we will always in the first instance attempt to resolve any Complaint by telephone and if we are unsuccessful in doing so, then we will go down the formal route, by undertaking a full investigation of the Complaint and thereafter provide you with a full written response, all in accordance with our Complaints Policy.

Walker Love aims to provide a satisfactory conclusion to all complaints within the shortest time-scale; where possible, we seek to provide a final response within the same business day. This is not however always possible, and there may be occasions where our investigation will take longer, as this could include a need to refer to third parties for additional information.

When a complaint is made, and in the case of verbal complaint where we are unable to respond to the client or customer’s satisfaction, the following process is followed –

  • A written acknowledgement will be issued within 24 business hours from receipt of the complaint
  • The complaint is passed to the Compliance Manager to co-ordinate an immediate investigation
  • A copy of the complaint is forwarded to our Client for their information (as    appropriate)
  • Following the investigation, the findings are reported to the Compliance Manager for review
  • Our fully considered response is issued to the complainant detailing the outcome of the investigation
  • A copy of the response is issued to our Client (as appropriate)
  • In certain circumstances a draft of our response may be forwarded to the Client for comment prior to issue
  • All complaints are investigated within a maximum period of 5 working days, with the aim to issue a satisfactory outcome to the complainant within 10 working days. We will advise the complainant if we are not able to meet this standard time framework.
  • Where a complainant continues to be dissatisfied, they may appeal the findings to the Managing Partner who will open an appeal and re-investigate the complaint. The appeal will be dealt with within the same time scales as a complaint. On conclusion of his investigations the Managing Partner will communicate his findings to the complainant, together with details of the appropriate body or bodies with whom to lodge a second stage appeal, should the complainant be dissatisfied with his findings.

Complaints about our clients / their service

If the complaint is about our client, or their handling of the customer’s account, we will send this to the client to manage.

If we receive a complaint by a third party to respond to, we will action this within the same timescales and with the same diligence as if made directly to Walker Love.

For complaints in relation to data protection issues our response shall also refer you to your right to apply to the Data Protection Commissioner for a complete review of the matter.

If you would like to make a complaint against the firm relating to professional misconduct, then we would advise that you contact the Society of Messengers at Arms and Sheriff Officers >click here for guidance on making a complaint