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At Walker Love our culture, work ethic, processes and controls are designed to provide the very highest standard of services and customer care, however, we recognise and accept that from time-to-time our conduct and service delivery may fail to meet our clients’ and their customer’s expectation. In respect of both our official citation and diligence duties, and also in relation to our highly ethical debt collection and investigation services on behalf of all our client groups; such as, local authority, local government, financial services.

Walker Love fully recognises the requirement to comply with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) rules and regulations, for all consumer debt complaints.  


Any oral or written complaint is defined where a customer expresses dissatisfaction about the standard of service received, failure to provide a service, or the action or lack of action taken by the organisation, department or staff. 

For FCA Regulated complaints, this is specifically defined where a customer has suffered financial loss, material distress or material inconvenience. Complaints against Walker Love, or our clients can be oral or written, whether justified or not, from, or on behalf of a complainant and in accordance with FCA Rules DISP 1.1.


You can contact us on 0141 248 8224, email us on, or write to the Complaints Manager at the address detailed below.


This complaints process applies to any complaint received, details are logged in the complaints register.

Where the complaint is resolved within 3 business days, we will send you a summary resolution communication, advising that we consider the complaint to be resolved.

Where the complaint is not resolved within 3 business days, we will send you a written acknowledgement, or final response within 5 business days.  If the complaint is in respect of a consumer credit, FCA regulated debt, we will provide information should you wish to take  your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS).

If the complaint has not been resolved within 5 days, it is passed to the Complaints Manager to co-ordinate a full investigation. We will send you a letter within 4 weeks if we are unable to resolve your complaint at this time.

We aim to resolve all complaints within 8 weeks, following the investigation you will receive a final response letter or email, advising you whether we consider the complaint to be upheld.

Our letters will inform you of your right should you wish to take the complaint to the relevant Professional Association, Industry Body or Regulator.


Should you remain dissatisfied, dependant on the circumstances, an appeal may be made to, the Managing Partner at Walker Love, Client, Regulatory or Professional body.


Should the complainant wish to exercise their right to appeal to Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS), they may do so within 6 months from the date of the final response letter.


Written complaints may be sent to:

The Complaints Manager

Walker Love

16 Royal Exchange Square

Glasgow G1 3AB

Or contact us by telephone on 0141 248 8224, or email us at

Appeals to Walker Love:

The Managing Partner

Walker Love

16 Royal Exchange Square

Glasgow G1 3AB

Consumer credit organisations

Credit Services Association

2 Esh Plaza

Sir Bobby Robson Way, Great Park

Newcastle upon Tyne, NE13 9BA



The Financial Ombudsman Service

Exchange Tower

Harbour Exchange

London E14 9SR


The Ombudsman will not normally investigate unless they are satisfied that the complaint/investigation is exhausted.

Complaints relating to the conduct of a Sheriff Officer

If a complaint related to the conduct of a Sheriff Officer, but the response is not satisfactory, the matter can be escalated to:

The Society of Messengers At Arms and Sheriff Officers

The Administrative Secretary

Forth House

28 Rutland Square


E-mail complaint to


Complaints about our clients

If the complaint is in regard to our client, we will acknowledge and send this to the client to manage and respond to the complainant directly.  In respect of FCA Regulated complaints, it is the responsibility of the client to report to the regulator; and complaints received from an unauthorised third party will be signposted to our Trade Body, The Credit Services Association.