Treating you fairly and our customer charter

We provide our clients with our full terms of business and our Customer Charter so that they fully understand the services they will receive from us and how the services will be delivered.

We ensure that our clients’ values, customer service satisfaction standards and commitment to treating their customers fairly are, by extension through Walker Love’s partners and staff, consistently delivered to the very highest standard.

We ensure that we will ‘put things right, if we get them wrong’ and we promise ‘not to take advantage’ by engaging with our clients and their customers in an open, ethical and transparent manner.

We underpin these four business principles within our Treating Customers Fairly policy which requires amongst other things that we:

  1. Provide continuous training to ensure all of our partners and staff have the right skills and knowledge to do their jobs effectively.
  2. Engage in active consultation with our clients, their customers and the appropriate debt advice agencies so that we fully understand our clients and their customers’ needs, requirements and the external social and economic factors which can impact customers’ ability to repay their debts.
  3. Communicate in an open, fair and respectful manner with clear, precise, relevant and timely supporting documentation.
  4. Provide our clients’ customers with onward referrals to the appropriate debt advice and debt management agencies in their local area.
  5. Constantly measure and review the effectiveness of our Treating Customers Fairly policy by analysing management Information from all areas of the business and amending our internal processes accordingly to improve the service we offer our clients and their customers.

Customer Charter

You are entitled to expect us:

To treat you as we expect to be treated:

  • By treating everyone with respect and courtesy.
  • By administering the collection of your debts and arrears impartially.
  • By adhering to the Enforcement Procedures as contained in the relevant legislation, with particular regard to the Debtors (Scotland) Act 1987 and the Debt Arrangement and Attachment (Scotland) Act 2002 and the Bankruptcy & Diligence etc. (Scotland) Act 2007 and Bankruptcy and Debt Advice (Scotland) Act 2014.
  • By expecting you to pay only the sums due, however we reserve the right to charge all Sheriff Officer diligence expenses lawfully due should you fail to adhere to or refuse to enter into an instalment arrangement.

To help you

  • By being courteous at all times.
  • By assisting you in completing our Financial Questionnaire Forms.
  • By providing advice on the most cost effective way to settle your arrears depending on your personal circumstances.
  • By providing you with practical and technical advice and information whenever possible.

To provide an efficient service

  • By being efficient and effective in our dealings with you.
  • By keeping your private affairs strictly confidential.
  • By providing accurate information when requested.
  • By replying to your requests and correspondence promptly.
  • By using personal information provided by you, members of your household and our clients and retained on our Computer System only as provided for by the current Data Protection Legislation.

To be accountable for what we do

  • All partners and staff of Walker Love are firmly committed to ensuring that the Financial Conduct Authority guidelines on Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) are rigorously applied throughout our whole organisation for the benefit of all stakeholders. As Officers of the Court and a highly ethical and professional Debt Recovery Agency, it is our core business ethos to ensure that all customers are treated fairly, honestly and with dignity at all times.

In return, we expect you:

  • To be honest.
  • To be courteous when dealing with our members of staff.
  • To provide us with accurate information concerning your circumstances.
  • To adhere to any mutually agreed instalment arrangement.
  • To endeavour to settle your outstanding arrears as quickly as possible.

If you are not satisfied

  • We would welcome your comments and we shall attempt to resolve any complaints >more