Professional Investigations

We understand the issues and barriers you will encounter when you are trying to locate someone or to establish specific facts about an individual or a business.

Using our tried and tested methods and the latest tracing, surveillance and monitoring technologies, we provide a sensitive, confidential and efficient service, which not only lowers the barriers but has been proven in the majority of situations to provide the successful outcomes our clients require.

We provide a wide range of investigation services which include:

  • Act as a vital component of the debt collection process.
  • Help landlords to track down former tenants.
  • Assist law firms to trace witnesses and beneficiaries.
  • Help insurance firms gather evidence related to the accident or misdemeanour which has taken place.

Typical types of services undertaken include the following:-

  • Precognitions and statements
  • Tracing customers and missing persons
  • Employment tracing
  • Occupancy reports
  • Pre-sue reports
  • Mortgage counselling
  • Housing Benefit fraud investigations
  • Due diligence and pre-contract business enquiries
  • Accident & insurance investigations
  • Insurance claim validation enquiries
  • Recovery of property
  • Fraud investigations including the recovery of property
  • Employee screening and vetting (including criminal record checks)
  • Intellectual property and trademark enquiries
  • Asset tracing
  • Covert surveillance

We provide comprehensive reports following thorough and objective investigation for all instructions undertaken, in a timely and professional manner, that adhere to current legislation and the principles of treating customers fairly.

For instance, in terms of motor traffic, workplace and industrial accidents, our investigative analysis and reports include detailed locus drawings and photographs of accident sites, in-depth statements from injured parties, eye witnesses and by-standers.

We also conduct a full examination of all contributory factors associated with an incident and/or accident highlighting any failure to comply with the relevant regulations and statutory guidance, including e.g. Road Traffic Act or Health & Safety at Work Act.

Confidentiality and discretion are our main principals. Our trained operatives abide by the code of ethics stipulated by the Institute of Professional Investigators; Association of British Investigators and The Scottish Association of Investigators.

In addition, we can demonstrate our commitment to information security as we have been accredited by UKAS in respect of ISO27001. During recent years we have implemented one of the most comprehensive and thorough security information management systems which is regularly audited internally and externally.

For further information on the wide range of services available, contact us and we will arrange a convenient and confidential time and place to meet with you to discuss your situation.