Managing our environmental impact

We are determined to minimise any adverse impact on the environment through our day to day business activities.

Our aims:

  • To reduce the amount of waste produced and resources consumed.
  • To reduce the amount of energy used and air pollution produced.
  • To make efficient use of transport for necessary business travel.
  • To re-use resources wherever possible.
  • To increase the quantity of waste re-cycled.
  • To dispose of non-recycled waste in a clean and safe fashion.

It is the responsibility of our staff forum, led by David Walker, Managing Partner to monitor and implement our environmental policy commitments and practices. This group meets on a regular basis and amongst other issues, is responsible for the measuring the effectiveness of our Environmental Policy.  In this regard, we have recently initiated a new project aimed at reducing waste paper by an ambitious 10% in the course of this year.

We have striven to cut exhaust emissions and have managed to reduce our CO2 output by 36% since this project started in 2009.  To maximise efficiency and reduce unnecessary travel, thereby reducing pollutants, all field force personnel have smart phone and mobile computing technology facilitating GPS, Mapping, Telephony, Texting, E-mails, Database and System Access.