Debt Recovery Services

Whether it is simply an overdue account or a difficult hardcore debt, our debt recovery specialists have the expertise, wherewithal and access to the right business and personal intelligence databases to retrieve your debt as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We provide debt recovery services to a range of businesses, financial services institutions, utility companies, professional services firms, public sector bodies and government agencies.

Our experienced debt collectors will provide you with an initial assessment of your debt position and recommend the best approach to recovering your debts. The type of approach we take to recovering your debts will be dependent upon your specific business circumstances, relationship with the customer e.g. in terms of their future business potential, and our expert advice regarding the customer’s  propensity to pay.

We will target our resources and debt recovery methods effectively and cohesively to trace, maximise collection and minimise your financial outlay and disruption to your cashflow.

You will be kept fully informed at each stage of the debt recovery process, receiving regular case by case assessments at a frequency which is convenient to you.

We will:

  • Make early contact with any customer to understand the cause for late and/or non-payment. It is vital to make early contact as our experience has shown that the longer you wait to take action, the less chance there is of recovery.
  • Where appropriate, we will negotiate a fair and equitable repayment plan with each individual customer, which will be based on their specific circumstances, ability to pay and your objectives.
  • If circumstances dictate, we will make enquiries to establish whether or not a customer is worth taking down a legal dispute resolution and/or litigious route.
  • For certain types of debt, we will underwrite the cost of litigation and use our Sheriff Officer resources to facilitate effective enforcement.
  • Ensure your business reputation, market place goodwill and commitment to treating your customers fairly is maintained throughout.

Our debt recovery and enforcement services are compliant with all statutory regulation and Government guidelines.