Revenue Collection & Enforcement

Helping Scotland’s local authorities to improve services and build sustainable communities.

Council Tax helps to pay for a wide range of local services including, education, care services, police, fire brigade, refuse collection, recreational spaces, streetlighting and much, much more. The monies local authorities collect from council tax can account for a significant proportion of their annual spend.

It is vitally important to our local areas future prosperity that we all pay what we can afford to pay to keep up the standards of local services we all expect, and in many instances take for granted.

Walker Love is committed to ensuring that Scottish local authorities receive the monies they are due from council tax, non-domestic rates, housing arrears, parking penalties and other sundry debts.

In the event that our clients do not receive what they are owed, we will:

  • Help them to trace the customer
  • Collect the revenue, using a variety of approaches and solutions which are appropriate to each individual case; and,
  • We will ensure that the local authority and individual customers are provided with debt management and prevention remedies and advice at all stages of the debt recovery process.
  • Treat our clients and their customers fairly

Our range of services include:

  • Serving Debt Advice and Information Packages to customers
  • Customer profiling
  • Pre-warrant collections
  • Benefit maximisation/debt advisor visits
  • Summary warrant collection & enforcement
  • Address & employment tracing
  • Email, SMS, telephony and lettering debt collection
  • fast track bankruptcy and liquidiation services