Helping utility providers to recover debts and improve cash flow, thereby providing greater flexibility when it comes to setting future tariffs.

We help utility providers to trace and collect debts. We also help them to investigate and identify and resolve periods of supply to businesses and individual households, and most importantly who had responsibility for consumption during specific time periods.

Our debt recovery experts understand the various types of tariffs offered by electricity and gas providers, the variety of metering options and the issues which can arise through measured, self-measured and unmeasured consumption issues.

As part of our commitment to our clients in this sector we continually provide our debt recovery, collections and professional investigators with the appropriate regulatory information and the appropriate guidance relating to supply restrictions.

Our services include:

By increasing the value and volume of debts recovered, our clients will benefit from improved cash flow and will have more flexibility when it comes to setting future tariff levels.

We provide a range of services to utility companies and can advise on the most financial efficient method depending on the volume and value of debts you require to be recovered.

Whether you have a low to medium or medium to high volume of debts to be recovered, we have developed tried and trusted methods to maximise debt recovery. We can also develop bespoke approaches for the high value recoveries, which take into account the individual household’s or business’s likely future income potential to our client.