Where can I get debt advice?

You can get free and confidential advice from qualified money advisors, through either your local authorities money advice office/helpline or through your local Citizens Advice Bureau.

Your local consumer and money advisors will advise you on:

  • How to deal with your debts
  • How to create an income and expenditure plan for your personal/household circumstances. They will also work through the creation of the plan with you. You will not be on your own.
  • How to deal with emergency situations e.g. if your bank account has been frozen, wages arrested or if your key supplies e.g. electricity and gas, have been cut off.
  • How to develop a debt repayment plan and if appropriate they will advise you on your options if you are being taken to court to recover a debt.

Give them a call to arrange an appointment and do check out the information contained on their websites. If you are in any doubt, please do contact us and we can refer you to the appropriate agency in your local area.

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