Professional Services

Debt recovery, citation & diligence and investigation services which are delivered in a sensitive, professional and efficient manner.

We help our legal firm clients to trace and investigate witnesses, deliver citations and to recover debts. We also provide assistance with insolvency and bankruptcy proceedings.

We fully appreciate that all clients are different. Debts are not dissimilar. That’s why we have developed a structured yet flexible approach to dealing with the clients of professional services firms, which yield better results than the blanket, one size fits all approach.

Our services include:

There will of course always be situations where debts are disputed or the customer has absconded or has become, or is on the verge of becoming, insolvent. In our experience, it pays to take action as soon as possible.

The most important thing when dealing with customers is to maintain credibility by following through with your enforcement, whilst ensuring that the way remains open for any future business the individual customer or business may provide. We fully admit that this is not possible in all circumstances, however, it is important to enter into each situation with one eye on the future revenue generating potential in mind.

We provide a range of sensitive, ethical and professional services, which ensure that any risks to your firm’s reputation are managed and we will work with you to develop strategies to mitigate risk where appropriate.