Allpay Mobile Payment app

Walker Love launches the Allpay mobile payment app to its customers. Find out how you can get it.

 The Allpay mobile payment app. The app which helps you to manage your debts > Download the app now

More than 14,000 people have downloaded allpay’s Payment App in the last 12 months and are using it to regularly pay bills such as rent and council tax, new figures show.

Walker Love’s customers can download it for free allowing you to pay their bills anytime, anywhere and you to receive the payment data the next working day. >Visit the Allpay website

More than 300 organisations, the majority of which are housing associations and local authorities, are now regularly receiving payments in this way. However, its uses don’t stop there. allpay Cashless customers are using it to top up their accounts, while others are using it to pay fines and manage debts.

The allpay App is a mobile application (App) available to download from the Apple App store or Google Play >more information

Allpay has also recently launched a new version of the Payment App which includes a barcode reader and the ability for residents to make one-time payments where they don’t need to store an allpay Payment Reference Number (PRN) or bank card.

For more information on the Allpay App and to download >click here