Secure Online Payments

Walker Love has facilities to accept debit card payments online.

Please note that we do not accept credit card payments.

By submitting contact information to us you are providing consent for Walker Love to contact you by phone, SMS or email regarding your account.

Please ensure that you enter your Reference Number and Post Code within the fields below to enable us to locate your account.

In order to keep your personal data and bank account safe and protected from fraud, an additional level of security has now been added by your card issuing bank when making an online payment. This is part of the PSD2 regulation and depending on the amount you are paying, two-factor authentication will be required when making online card payments

  • Please fill in your account details:

  • Reference Number:
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Refund Policy

If you have paid Walker Love online and have not quoted the correct reference number, we will be unable to allocate your payment. Walker Love will attempt to locate your account using the limited information provided and in some instances we will attempt to contact you using the information you have supplied when making your payment.

All unallocated payments are held in suspense until this process has been exhausted. If Walker Love are unable to locate this payment, we will refund the original payment card used.

If you have paid Walker Love in error or failed to provide sufficient information, you should contact us immediately to enable us to allocate the payment to the appropriate account or to obtain a refund.